Who or what is Ginger Valentine?


Some people have cats, or dogs, but Ginger treats their podcasts like pets. And, like all keen pet-owners, they’re always planning ways to have MORE. Since 2013, they’ve produced and hosted five shows:

– Pop-culture roundtable The Culture Squad ran from 2013 to 2015, and taught Ginger some hard lessons about editing, recording hardware, and the borderline-impossibility of getting four adults in the same room at the same time.
– Interview series The Ladyist spun out of a pop-culture diet Ginger went on from April 2014 to March 2015, and featured guests talking about their favourite women in popular culture.
Highly Recommended For You offered tailored music recommendations for listeners based on their tastes. Also featuring Tasmanian radio presenter Britt Aylen, the show has been on hiatus for years but remains something very dear to both creators hearts. Listen here.
– A satirical talkback radio show, the best reviews for Common Sense with Burt Franklap were the ones that didn’t realise it was a joke until they downloaded it. Be in on the joke here.
– Indulging Ginger’s nerdiest tendencies, Key Change digs into the things that make pop music tick, as told by someone who knows nothing about music theory. What’s connects Iron Maiden to Kelly Clarkson? Why can’t Taylor Swift say “off”? Find out here.

Upcoming projects include a long-form narrative cosmic horror comedy set in a retail store (as-yet untitled, due late 2019) and a radio drama miniseries about dating and technology.


Aside from podcasting, Ginger’s writing has been published in Archer, Meanjin and SBS’s The Feed, and they’ve performed at storytelling event Queerstories twice. One of their performances was adapted into an essay for the Queerstories book.

When not podcasting, Ginger can be found running around with their child, Ripley, playing video games (Florence was perfect), tabletop games, reading comics, and annoying their partner by deconstructing the character arcs in Netflix shows while they’re trying to watch.

If you’d like Ginger to voice a character in your game or animation, please ask!
If you’d like Ginger to help produce your podcast, please ask (sliding scale rates available, especially for underrepresented people)!
If you’d like Ginger to write for you, please ask!
If you’d like Ginger to stop referring to themselves in the third person, you’re plum out of luck.

Email agingerbfg@gmail.com for any other questions, requests or suggestions.

Ginger is non-binary, and uses they/them pronouns.

About GingerBFG Audio

Thinking deeply about shallow things.

A one-person podcast network featuring shows produced and hosted by Ginger Valentine, GingerBFG Audio is also a production service that can help shepherd your podcast from inspiration to listener’s ears. Available for corporate, semi-professional or personal podcasts, you can retain Ginger as a one-off to get your show up and running quickly, or as an ongoing producer to ensure a strong, consistent identity for your show. Contact agingerbfg@gmail.com for more information about rates and the ways Ginger can help you.



Key Change — an inexpert guide to music’s insides


Common Sense with Burt Franklap