Keeping me honest – LPD Diary 1


Because we see it so rarely, it's easy to believe that there just isn't as much pop culture that's Low Patriarchy-friendly. If the Ladyist taught me anything, it's that there is a tonne of work that we rarely see, buried as it is in an avalanche of white, cishet, men. It takes actual effort to find the hidden treasures. 

Thats why I'll be keeping rigorous track of everything I watch, play, read and listen to while I'm on the Low Patriarchy Diet. Not only does that help to keep me honest, it means I get to share all the wonderful stuff I find, which is the best part of these projects.  

And it's not a one-way street! If you see stuff you think I'll dig, please tell me: you can link me to it on Twitter (@gingerBFG), tag me on Instagram (@thegingerBFG), or comment anywhere here with your new LPD-friendly fave. 

Some days will just be quick digests; especially when I've talked about a show/comic/whatever in the past, I'll give you a quick overview of the thing that's making me happy. Every now and again, where I can find the time, I'll do some deeper-dives into a text that's really speaking to me, and that I think you'll enjoy too.  

For now, here's a quick recap of the LPD's early days, and the stuff I (re)discovered by starting the Diet. 


Another Round 


How appropriate that I check back in with this fantastic podcast at the episode where they have Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw (the law professor and writer who coined the term "intersectionality") as their guest. I'd almost forgotten how easy and fun the dynamic is between hosts Heben and Tracy, and their casual, intimate interview style is just a delight. Dr. Crenshaw is, by her own admission, a private person, but Heben and Tracy had her chatting with equal ease about the Say Her Name movement and Beyoncé's visual albums. This show has been a favourite of mine for a few years now, but I admit I'd let episodes build up over the last few months. This was a timely reminder about the importance of intersectionality, and the difference it makes having a space by and for black women. 

Listen to Another Round here


Angel Olsen – MY WOMAN


It's such a thrill to watch the way Angel Olsen has grown and changed as an artist over the last few years. I love an artist who can make an album that's an evolution of the last one but that is so distinct from what came before. I adored (and still adore) the noisy, heartsick alt-country feel of Burn Your Fire For No Witness, but MY WOMAN is something else again. I'm a little late to it (it was a common sight on 2016's Best Of lists), but I'm making up by listening to it over and over, to the exclusion of just about everything else. Personally, I'd like to suggest lead track 'Intern' as the theme for the new Twin Peaks series – it has that eerie, loping synth of Angelo Badalamenti's original theme, with a classic torch song feel that would be a perfect match for David Lynch. I'm hooked on 'Shut Up Kiss Me', though; a neat Buddy Holly-ish rock'n'roll throwback, It feels classic and modern all at once. Angel lives in the contrast between old and new, with the chops as a singer and songwriter to get incredible work out of that conflict. She's fucking sublime, and you should listen to her right now. In fact, it was another podcast, Song Exploder (hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway) that made me revisit MY WOMAN, and what a debt I owe it. Song Exploder is incredible for forcing you to listen closely to a song, opening your ears to something new or helping you hear something familiar in a whole new way. Rest assured I'll talk about Song Exploder more soon. 

Listen to Angel Olsen on Song Exploder here, or check out the album on Spotify

Dear White People


TV adaptations of movies are a flooded market right now, and they can't all be Fargo, but DWP lays out (some of) the complexities of black identity so smoothly in the pilot that I was hooked before I knew there was bait. Still not smitten, but Logan Browning brings enough firey glares to the lead that I'll be back for more. Also good for the in-world Scandal parody, which is both loving and absurd. 

 Dear White People is a Netflix Original


Oh, and don't let me forget about Horizon: Zero Dawn (I'm still in the early days, but expect a deep-dive on this real soon). 


Starting out again is always tough, though. Got a hot tip for something I should check out? Let me know!