In the interests of full disclosure, I should acknowledge that the host of the Queerstories storytelling nights, Maeve Marsden, is a good friend. I should also acknowledge that I would treasure and delight in the podcasts that come out of those storytelling nights even if Maeve were a sworn enemy with whom my family had a long-standing blood feud (I say this in the knowledge that it would be impossible for anyone to maintain a blood feud with anyone so sweet, charming and fucking hilarious as Maeve, so I have the luxury of never having to test that idea).


Queerstories podcasts are as unpredictable and diverse as its guests, who include national treasures like writer Benjamin Law, SBS presenter Patrick Abboud, and writer Rebecca Shaw (who is also a personal friend, and someone who only has blood feuds with conservative Queensland MPs). I should've learned my lesson by now, but I still make the mistake of listening to Queerstories on public transport, and find myself having to choke back tears on a peak-hour train (if your face isn't a salty waterfall during and after Patrick's story of brotherly love, self-acceptance and powerful friendship, please see a doctor to have your heart plugged back in). Some are devastatingly funny (Bec's proposal of straight-woman conversion therapy will have you howling with laughter), while the wisdom and emotional self-knowledge in pieces by Liz Duck-Chong and Jax Jacki Brown will get that salty waterfall flowing all over again.


So, don't listen in public unless you're very comfortable with strangers watching you weep, but absolutely do listen.

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