Bang On

Bang On is only a few months in, and I've only just caught on to it, but it's very quickly become a favourite of mine. Like Heben and Tracy of Another Round, the core of Bang On is the friendship between hosts Zan Rowe and Myf Warhurst, and the easy, lived-in dynamic they have. Both women are radio professionals with long-standing careers in the industry, so it's disarming to hear them chat (or, as the title would have it, bang on) so casually about whatever pop culture is on their minds. Myf's been an open book for a while now (her unsubtle thirst as this year's Eurovision host for SBS was wonderful), but Bang On has given me a glimpse into Zan that I bloody love. It's almost scandalous to hear her, a composed, professional presenter, making jokes about Zyf (the name for their fictional music festival a la Fyre Festival) sounding like the noise of pubes being caught in a zipper, and talking about her teenage job in an Essendon bakery. It's the least cool podcast there is, and that's what makes it so much damned fun.