Emily Loizeau

Highly Recommended For...Jessamy

Feminist agitator Jessamy is our recommendation recipient this time around. Her selections are:

🎵Agnes Obel — 'On Powdered Ground' (Philharmonics, 2010)

🎵Beach House — 'New Year' (Bloom, 2012)

🎵The Jezabels — 'Hurt Me' (She's So Hard EP, 2009)

Most of Jessamy's songs, and all the song we discuss in this episode, are available to stream on Spotify. Did we miss anything? Add your suggestions for Jessamy to the playlist, or let us know on Twitter!

The only exception is Emily Loizeau's 'Je Suis Jalouse', which Spotify don't have. There's another of her songs on the playlist, but you can hear the original right here:

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