Highly Recommended for...Lydia

(Producer's note: this episode was recorded in Dec 2015, just a few weeks before I became a parent for the first time. Our release schedule has been...erratic, so some of the references to album release years and tours are out of date. Hell, Lydia probably won't remember the songs she chose! We're sure she'll enjoy our suggestions anyway.)

Continuing our run of fantastic suggestions, this episode's recommendation recipient, Lydia, gave us some excellent tunes for inspiration. Her selections were:

🎵 Bully — 'Trying' (Feels Like, 2015)

🎵 Father John Misty — 'The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment' (I Love You, Honeybear, 2015)

🎵 The Staves — 'Teeth White' (If I Was, 2014)

Her range of genres gave us plenty to work with, and you can check out most of our suggestions in the Spotify playlist. 

The only exception is the Kate Nash track, 'Underestimate The Girl', which Britt mentioned in this episode. It isn't on Spotify (outrageous!), so you can check it out on YouTube instead!

If you'd like some personalised recommendations, email us (hrfypod@gmail.com) or tweet us (@hrfypodcast) with three songs you're digging right now, and a bit on why each track speaks to you.